Kat Basterfield

Conceptually driven designer based in London. Currently working as a brand designer for the design agency InkValley. Occurring themes in work include performance, the vernacular and high culture.
Clients include LVMH, Saatchi Gallery, Soho House, Asics, Disney, Casa Cruz, The Animal Ball, Sony Music, and more.



Soho House
Edible Humans
Pave Zine
Dr. David Jack
Handbook of British Politics


Project 01 - Noshy
Re-imagining the Noshy world where roses are edible. Noshy asked us to re-brand their world as there was a bit of a disconnect between the branding to the artistry of the product. We wanted the brand to feel rich, playful, and whimsical and to sit within this world of surrealness.

Deliverables:Brand identity, Packaging design, Art direction, Set design, Website design, Content for social media, Mailer design and Stationery