Kat Basterfield

Conceptually driven designer based in London. Currently working as a brand designer for the design agency InkValley. Occurring themes in work include performance, the vernacular and high culture.
Clients include LVMH, Saatchi Gallery, Soho House, Asics, Disney, Casa Cruz, The Animal Ball, Sony Music, and more.



Soho House
Edible Humans
Pave Zine
Dr. David Jack
Handbook of British Politics


Project 05 - Pave Zine
Pave Zine began with an exploration of the Rap, Grime, Drill and Afro Swing scene in the UK through the lens of young British fans, creatives and producers. We set out to explore a scene we love – looking to challenge our preconceptions, examine in granular detail the elements that make up the scene and delve into an environment that feels close to home, yet always so hard to fully pin down and define. Pave Zine produced in collaboration with Vangeli Moschopoulos.

Deliverables:Book design, Community workshop